Indonesia Research & Innovation Expo 2016

Indonesia Research and Innovation Expo 2016 (IRIE), the third exhibition of research results by Airlangga University, successfully held, 10-12 November 2016. Hundreds of booth filled with participants from elements of universities, business / cooperatives, and industrialists in Indonesia. Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman, interested in the development of cows, goats, and cultivation of superior fishery in UNAIR. After the opening of the Rector Prof. Moh Nasih, hundreds of high school students attended the service of IRIE booths. There are dancing, taking pictures of "instagram", enjoying artistry, etc. Until the Rector of UNAIR also closed the IRIE 2016.

Indonesia Research Innovation Expo is an activity that has a purpose to showcase the results of innovative research work from each Faculty at Airlangga University especially educator (Lecturer). This activity is the theme of "UNAIR devoted to the Land of Beloved, Indonesia & rdquo; Which is used to bridge the innovation of the academic community of Airlangga University to the industry and private sector, so it is expected that the future of link and match between academia and industry can run well so that innovative work can enter more to be utilized for the benefit of Indonesian society. This activity is held in ACC (Airlangga Convention Center) on November 10-12, 2016. Through this activity each Faculty / Teacher can present innovative work based on education to the public and private / industry as well as efforts to strengthen the goal of Airlangga University As a campus with excellent research.

ITD issued superior products namely Antimalaria Drugs derived from Sambiloto herbs. Research that has been done on the plant has been through clinical trials. & Quot; Current clinical trials have arrived at the second phase, which is administered to malaria patients, & quot; Aty said.
The second stage of testing involved 60 patients. In the treatment given dose 2 tablets a day. After a few days the patient is not feverish and shivering. On the fifth day the patient recovered.
To be manufactured and marketed, two steps are still needed by involving more patients, & quot; The ingredients. & Nbsp; These medicines should also be reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.