1 . Sero and molecular epidemiology of Indonesian HIV-1 strains in Indonesia

HIV-1 is a highly mutagenic pathogen, and consists of four groups, M, N, O, and P. The Viruses of group M cause a worldwide pandemic, and are further divided into 9 subtypes and several circulating recombinant forms (CRFs). the mutations-driven evolution of HIV-1 potentially changes viral characteristics such as its pathogenicity and antigenicity, and may also affects the sensitivity of diagnostic methods for this virus. In order to monitor the emergence of new subtypes or CRFs of viruses in Indonesia, it is important to perform the subtyping of currently circulating viruses in this country.

2. Drug resistance mutation analysis

~ Drug resistance-associated mutations in viral pol gene derived from drug-naive and drug-treated patients

3. Invitro study for HIV antiviral

~ Viral isolation, establishment of persistently infected cell lines

Antiviral assay