Indonesia has the highest number of HIV cases in Southeast Asia. However, data on the epidemiology study of HIV are limited. CRFO1_AE represents the dominant subtype in indonesia. But other subtypes are also found to be circulated in indonesia. This subtype study is also important to monitor antiretroviral treatment. The emergence of transmitted drug resistance (TDR) compromises the effect of antiretroviral therapy (ART) resulting in treatment failure of HIV disease. For initial screening, we will mainly focus on ART treated patient. But, TDR can also occur in ART naive patient. With effective monitoring of ART we hope we can decide better regimen for HIV patient.

Alternative treatment for HIV will also be our focus, we explore herbal medicine plant as anti HIV candidate. The effective drug will give high inhibition rate and low toxicity effect in HIV culture. The suitable candidate will be further screened in vivo for cofirmation as anti HIV substance.