1. Analysis of the effectiveness of ear swab as an alternative sample for paternity test.
  2. Pattern of damage of mitochondria! DNA in forensic identification.
  3. Analysis of DNA from underwear’s sweat spot in sex determination.
  4. Sex determination from the analysis of human sternum and human arc compose shape.
  5. DNA isolation from sweat spot on clothes as an alternative sample in forensic identification.
  6. AllelesTH01 patterns in Batak population in Surabaya.
  7. The effectivity of usage of mini primer set in mitochondrial DNA amplification using PCR method.
  8. Optimization the usage of degraded nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA in forensic DNA.
  9. The effectivity of DNA isolated from sweat spot on clothes as a sample in forensic identification.
  10. DNA isolation from cigarette butt as an alternative sample for forensic identification.
  11. Nuclear DNA locus mapping pattern in forensic identification sample using PCR in locus CSF1P0, TH01 & TPDX.
  12. STR CODIS locus pattern from cigarette butt sample among Madura population in Surabaya.
  13. Molecular analysis in criminal perpetrator in Indonesia (a molecular profiling approach).
  14. Identification of victims in Senopati Nusantara ship fire using DNA profiling (a Disaster Victim Identification case report).
  15. Assesment of the effectivity of usage of nuclear DNA mini primer set in locus CSF1 P0, FGA and D21 S11 in degraded DNA due to high temperature with PCR.
  16. Analysis of nucleotide damages in STR CODIS, mini-STR CODIS and mitochondria] DNA due to high temperature during forensic molecular identification.
  17. Analysis of DNA in bones and teeth in STR CODIS locus, Y-STRs and mitochondria! DNA due to high temperature.
  18. Profile of DNA sequencing in locus mapping of fragmented STR CODIS in forensic DNA examination.
  19. Genetic variation in archeological sites in East Java (a molecular paleoanthropology study).
  20. Nucleotides variation in locus 126 by D-loop mitochondrial DNA in maternal inherited.
  21. Genetic variation analysis of STR CODIS locus (TH01,TPDX, CSF1P0, vWA) and D-loop mitochondrial DNA in Madura ethnic group.
  22. DNA isolation from human urine spot as an alternative sample for forensic identification.