Our research topic focus to protein theraupeutic, enzyme aplication and genetic and protein engginering,

Protein Therapeutic

1. Development of Peptide Inhibitor to Accelerate Gingival Injury Healing Process

2. Development of Bacteria Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes as Enzybiotic for Anti-Mycobacteria

Enzyme application

1. Enzymatic biodeinking of wastepaper

2. Enzymatic degradation of biomass waste

3. Enzymatic degradation of pestiside

Genetic and Protein engineering

1. Exploration genes encoded enzyme from Indonesia isolates for biodegradation of lignocelluloses

2. Development of suitable hosts ( coli, Saccaromyces cereviseae, Bacillus) for efficient production of protein recombinants

3. Protein design (computational and directed evolution) for improving their properties