Collaboration between Surabaya City Government & Airlangga University

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February 26, 2020
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March 12, 2020

Collaboration between Surabaya City Government & Airlangga University

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Tuesday 3 March 2020, Mayor of Surabaya Ir. Tri Rismaharini and expert staff visited Airlangga University to talk about the Corona virus which has now entered Indonesia. This was done by the Surabaya City Government to reduce the noise that occurred in the community, especially in Surabaya.

During the visit, the Mayor of Surabaya was directly directed by the Rector and Expert Team of Airlangga University to visit the Institute of Tropical Diseases and Airlangga University Hospital related to the facilities owned and what was done by the Airlangga University team to deal with the virus. Some researchers from the Institute of Tropical Diseases explained that Indonesian citizens must be grateful for having a variety of herbs that can be used as herbal medicines as prevention, such as curcumin which is owned by ginger, turmeric, javanese ginger and so on that serves to strengthen the immune system and the quality of the benefits of bitter. can be a drug for malaria, this can also be used also to prevent the corona virus because the virus has similarities.

Not only that, they also explained that they could help the Surabaya city government to conduct examinations and research related to the corona virus to the public. If there are people who feel or are indicated by symptoms caused by the corona virus such as fever, cough and shortness of breath, they can immediately come to Airlangga University Hospital.

This made the Airlangga Hospital and the Institute of Tropical Diseases and the Surbaya City Government collaborate to facilitate the community for the examination and treatment indicated by these symptoms. Surbaya residents will get financial assistance related to the inspection. However, the whole community must remain calm and always maintain the health and cleanliness of the environment because that is the way to prevent the virus.

Airlangga University researchers who were present accompanied Rector at the event was Prof. Soetjipto, dr., M.S., Ph.D. , Prof. Dr. Nasronudin, dr., Sp.PD-KPTI., FINASIM, Prof. Dr. Fedik Abdul Rantam, drh., Prof. Maria Lucia Inge Lusida, dr., M. Kes., Ph.D., SpMK, Prof. Dr. Achmad Fuad H, Drs., MS, Apt., Dr. Aty Widyawaruyanti, Dra ,. Apt. M.Sc.

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