East Java’s Governor Visits to ITD

Drinking Herbal Drink in ITD
March 16, 2020
East Java’s Vice Governor Check for COVID-19 in ITD
March 16, 2020

East Java’s Governor Visits to ITD


East Java’s Governor, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, and her team had a visit to ITD and Universitas Airlangga Hospital on March 14, 2020. This visit was intended to take a look at the facility and mechanism for COVID-19’s treatment and management.

She visits Influenza Laboratory to directly see the analysis and quality control for COVID-19 samples. After that, she and her team tasted coroNAIR herbal drink, which produced by Faculty of Pharmacy and local herbal drink maker, while doing the coordination meeting.

The coordination meeting was intended to share the information and know how far the development and also decision-making. She said to all citizens to take care of our health and especially for schools and tourism spots, to be more aware and prepare facilities that help to prevent COVID-19, like a mask, hand sanitizer, and thermal scanner.

If we had any COVID-19 symptoms, please call the emergency team of East Java or directly go to Universitas Airlangga Hospital. Khofifah Indar Parawansa was grateful as the Ministry of Health gives permission to ITD to analyze COVID-19 samples, so that the surveillance can be easier to do.

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