December 22, 2020

Signing of Cooperation between ITD UNAIR and IDI JATIM

December 22, 2020, IDI East Java is collaborating with ITD, it is hoped that this cooperation agreement can strengthen togetherness in facing Covid-19, especially health workers […]
December 21, 2020

ITD won the trust of Pondok Pesantren and PPDS UNAIR for PCR Swab

December 21, 2020, ITD won the trust of Ar Rohmah Islamic boarding school and PPDS Universitas Airlangga to carry out student swab work. The number is […]
December 10, 2020

Effects of zinc (II) -2,4,5-triphenyl-1H-imidazole Complex Compounds on Dengue Virus Serotype 2 Replication

Dengue virus (DENV) is a significant pathogen that appears worldwide as a cause of infectious diseases. DENV is transmitted to humans via female mosquitoes of the […]
December 9, 2020

Dengue Virus Epidemiology Study in Surabaya, Bogor, and Bangkalan

Dengue virus (DENV) is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes, transmitted by the vector mosquito Aedes sp. Infection with four serotypes of DENV-1 to 4. Indonesia, cases […]
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