Kartini’s Day at the Institute of Tropical Diseases

A visit from PT Avia Avian to Institute of Tropical Diseases
April 13, 2021
Halal bi Halal event from Institute of Tropical Diseases
May 19, 2021

Kartini’s Day at the Institute of Tropical Diseases

21 April 2021, In the framework of Kartini Day, the Institute of Tropical Diseases recommends all staff and leaders to wear Indonesian traditional clothing.

Not only that, it will be contested to be selected by the best women and men according to the jury. With the use of traditional clothing, he hopes that it can increase the motivation for the struggle to work to bring change for the better for this country as well as the heroes who struggle to bring about the best change for the motherland. One of them is Mrs. Raden Ayu Kartini, who is synonymous with the slogan "after dark, light rises". 
Women's traditional dress competition 1. Aldise mareta, 2. Mariana Novita J, 3. Yulyasri Yanagi, Meanwhile, Krisnoadi Rahardjo won the first prize, 2. Zakaria Pamoengkas, and 3. Abdul Hadi Furqoni. The prize was given directly by the head of the tropical disease institute represented by Prof. Fedik Abdul Rantam., DVM.

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