Director of ITD

The early roots of Institute of Tropical Disease Universitas Airlangga (ITD UA) can be traced back from a research collaboration with Kobe University, Japan, under the scheme Large Scale Collaborative Study. It was named Tropical Disease Research Center (TDRC), but since then it also established its function as diagnostic unit named with TDDC (Tropical Disease Diagnostic Center), TDRC was changed into Tropical Disease Center (TDC). Since 2008, this unit became institute, directly under the supervision of Rector of Universitas Airlangga, named ITD UA. With these roots and also several international research collaborations thereafter, it is no surprise that ITD become a prominent institution in tropical and infectious disease researches and specific related diagnostics – hosting inbound (national and international) postgraduate student researches. Our efforts were recognized by Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, and ITD UA is awarded as a Center of Excellence (CoE) in Tropical and Infectious Diseases since 2012. As a CoE for Higher Education, ITD UA is dedicated to integrated and advanced medical and health sciences, which several graduate fellows could join, such as Medical Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Biochemists, Microbiologists, Chemists, Physicist, Biologists, and more others. Among our outstanding prestigious international research projects were Japan Initiative for Global Research Network (J-GRID) project in Infectious Diseases (already three terms with 5 years for each term); Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS) project on medicinal plants against hepatitis C virus (year 2010 – 2014), and again SATREPS on Searching Lead Compounds of Anti-Malarial and Anti-Amebic Agents (SLeCAMA) (year 2015 – 2020). These distinctions and more others are direct results of the work of our research staff. They participate in the production of research results, international publications, as well as patented bioproducts. We are welcoming post-graduate students and scholars from other national as well as international universities. Besides researches, we routinely schedule several workshops and trainings for several novel techniques, offered to all related scientists. We hope that our works could contribute in delivering solutions to global problems of tropical and infectious diseases.