Several research projects are carried out by dengue study group.

Epidemiology of Dengue

This project focuses on mapping the spread of dengue case in Indonesia. To conduct this particular research dengue study group has been collaborating with many health institutions sxh as hospital and clinics (Puskesmas) all over Indonesia. This search is also part of collaboration projects with Kobe ,university, Japan, which belongs to CRC-ERID programs.

Dengue Antiviral

Apart from epidemiology in CRC-ERID programs we have been also working on research to develop dengue antiviral. In this project we work together with NPMRD study group since this antiviral are plant-based molecules.

Identification of Flaviviruses

Beside dengue as the main focus, this group has worked on identification of other flaviviruses such as west nile, japanese e-cephalitis, yellow fever, and zika virus. During the recently zika outbreak which happened in Brazil and several countries, dengue study group working together with Airlangga hospital has done screening to identify whether zika has come in to Indonesia.

Monitoring System

Dengue study group have recently established a project in making real time monitoring application as a mean of control system to prevent dengue outbreak and as information source of dengue as well as dengue-related issues. This ongoing study is collaboration with IT department of ITD.