Dengue study group is established in 1997 focusing on dengue virus (DENV) research and other flaviviruses. This group is operated under the leadership of Prof.Soegeng Soegijanto. Dengue illness is mosquito born disease which has been widespread becoming endemic in Indonesia. Our group aims to gain understanding of dengue illness in molecular level and to develop novel approach to suppress DENV infection. Having many experiences and supported by advanced technology, our group excels in DENV identification and characterization. In addition, to study the DENV vectors, we have been working together with entomology study group.

  • To become a leading research group recognized nationally and internationally in the field of dengue as well as other flavivirus.
  • to suppress the risk of dengue infection in Indonesia through scientific discovery.
  • To improve research quality in Indonesia through partnerships and collaborations


  • To conduct research with the aim to gain insight on character, the risk, control, and cure of dengue virus.
  • To disseminate knowledge of dengue to both academic environments and public.