What do they say about Dengue Research Group?


Sakakura Yuki

Kobe University

I had opportunity to work on a project evaluating plants-based material of Indonesian origin to develope DENV antiviral. In addition, I was fortunate to observe directly and learn the way step by step to determine full genomic sequence of DENV in which I couldn’t get it easily in Japan. This was attractive and the great opportunity during my time in this lab.

Working in new environment and condition sometimes made things for me didn’t work properly. Nevertheless, lab members were very helpful and welcome to discuss the problem. Furthermore the friendly people of ITD made my time in Indonesia enjoyable.

Just a suggestion for me if there is an internee like me in the future, I think it is better to give him or her sometime to also visit and introduce other labs to broaden the knowledge. 

Maaya Ono

Fukui University

Dear ITD members

Thank you for having me in your laboratory for 4 days. Even though it was not much time, I could get a great opportunity to get to know what is research, what we can find from cells and molecules, and why this is important. The members in dengue department are nice and taught me the process of the examination and its mechanism kindly. It was good to know summarize of what they are doing in this laboratory on the first day because it made me easy to understand what I am going to learn here. Mr.Ilham let me try the examination by myself after he explained the way. Rather than just observing, doing by myself is very fun and I got a lot of things to learn by doing it.

Also, they gave me a opportunity to visit entomology department. I got to see different types of mosquitos and their larvae. In addition, they took us to accompany their field-work in mangrove in Surabaya and we caught some larvae together. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. Through the experience in entomology department, I learned the importance of collaboration between entomology and laboratory research and clinical medicine. I realized that, in order to promote the health of people in the world, many department work together.

Overall, the experience and learning in ITD made me understand dengue disease and its virus deeper. Also, they made me attracted into research of tropical diseases more. I will keep learning harder in my university in japan with those precious experiences in Surabaya. Thank you so much for everything.


Vania Lionel

I would really like to thank all the dengue team for letting me observe the research study. It was an amazing and valuable experience for me as an undergraduate student  to be able to learn the methods,techniques and knowledge. 


Arif Nur Muhammad Ansori

My exposure to scientific research in Intitute of Tropical Disease Universitas Airlangga (ITD Unair) has broadened my perception and thinking like a great scientist. After I did my one-month research internship in Dengue Lab, my interest in virology has grown even stronger. I would like to say that I’ve had an amazing and enriching experience so far in ITD Unair.

Yoko Brigitte Wang

Universitas Surabaya

Hi! My name is Yoko Brigitte Wang and I am an alumna of University of Surabaya, majoring Biotechnology. I had a wonderful chance to have an internship in Dengue Laboratory at the Institute of Tropical Disease, Airlangga University in August 2015 during my last year as an undergraduate student. I spent probably around 1 week in Dengue laboratory, it was quite short though. However, I really learned a lot during my time in the laboratory. I had several tutors who are very nice, friendly and well-experienced in Dengue-related research. I definitely learned a lot from them, both theories and practicals, especially in molecular biology techniques. Besides having opportunities to share and learn new skills, I also had a chance to work with some international students, they came from Japan and Australia, which I considered as a very valuable experience for improving my previous knowledge and of course, to practice my English. Throughout the most, I had to do a final presentation in front of the group’s leader, all tutors and other internship students at the of my internship. It was quite thrilling in the beginning, nevertheless everything went well in the end. My whole experiences which I have got in Dengue lab are valuable and unforgettable. I really encourage this group as a great choice to learn about Dengue.
Hope nothing but the best for Dengue Lab! keep in touch.